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In Tcolors the painting that changes everything, we understand the vital importance of nurturing creativity and artistic education in the lives of children. In Tcolors the painting that changes everything, we understand the vital importance of nurturing creativity and artistic education in the lives of children.

1. Paints with Colored Salt

Immerse yourself in a fascinating activity by creating mixtures of paint with colored salt. By combining flour, salt and water with vibrant Tcolors acrylic paints or using your fingers to add color, you will achieve an ideal viscous paste to apply on paper or cardstock. The colors remain separate and embossed, allowing children to create rainbows, animals, numbers, and more.

2. Marbled Paper with Shaving Foam

This project requires thick paper, shaving foam, Tcolors acrylic paints and a skewer stick. By applying Tcolors acrylic paints on the foam and designing patterns with the skewer stick, you can stamp the paper on the foam for a surprising marbling effect.

Image from Meaningful mama

3. Jackson Pollock Style Dripping Technique

Inspired by renowned artist Jackson Pollock, this project involves splashing and dripping Tcolors acrylic paints onto a canvas or paper placed on the floor. Children can use brushes, kitchen utensils and even their own hands to conceive compositions full of color and energy.

4. Balloon Stamping

Balloon printing is a fun way to create patterns and designs using balloons and Tcolors acrylic paints. By dipping balloons in paint and stamping them on paper, children can bring colorful, abstract images to life.

5. Crushed Paint

This project involves Tcolors acrylic paints, paper and transparent film. By applying paint dots and then pressing the film on them, an intriguing texture and color mix is generated in the final work.

6. Create Shapes with Tcolors Relief Paint

Using Tcolors relief paint, children can bring shapes and volumes to life, creating animals, leaves, objects or landscapes to later identify them.

7. Handprint Art

Hands can be transformed into creative tools by using them to design drawings of animals, people, and more. Painting children’s hands with Tcolors finger paint and stamping them on paper is a fun and creative way to explore various shapes and compositions.

8. Drawings with Fingerprints

Fingerprint drawings, using Tcolors finger paint, offer a unique way to create works of art. Based on footprints as a starting point, children can add details and transform them into fun animals, shapes and characters.

9. Calder-Style Mobile Sculpture

Inspired by Alexander Calder, this project consists of creating mobile sculptures using cardboard, twigs, sticks and other elements. Children can experiment with different colors of Tcolors acrylic paints and explore form and balance while bringing their own mobile creations to life.

Template extracted from ARTiculation 360


10. Project Paintings with Temperas Paintings

With Tcolors temperas paints, children can create authentic works of art by applying and mixing colors with spatulas, brushes, sponges or even splashing.


These art projects will not only keep children busy and entertained, but also give them the opportunity to express themselves, experiment with different techniques, and understand the importance of art in their lives.

Immerse yourself in creative fun with Tcolors the painting that changes everything, together with your children, encouraging their creativity during these moments at home!