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The Shabby Chic style is known for its rustic charm and weathered elegance that adds a touch of nostalgia and romance to any space. If you are looking to give a new look to your furniture and decorative objects, Chalk Paint from Tcolors is the perfect choice to achieve the desired effect. In this post, I will walk you through the steps to create a beautiful and authentic Shabby Chic look in a box using Chalk Paint by Tcolors.

The Shabby technique, also known as Shabby chic, is a method used to simulate wear and tear on furniture and objects. Although it shares similarities with decoupage, in Shabby, the aging effect is more pronounced and is characterized by a varied mix of colors, unlike decoupage, which preserves the natural color of the wood.

Materials needed:

Step 1: Preparing the Object

Start by choosing the box or object you want to transform into a beautiful Shabby Chic element. Make sure you clean it properly and remove any dirt or debris.

Step 2: Chalk Paint Almost Black Layer

Once clean, apply a first coat of Tcolors Chalk PaintAlmost Black“. Be sure to cover all areas evenly and let it dry completely.

Photo courtesy of Steffidoin

Step 3: Application of Clear Wax

Once the black paint is completely dry, it’s time to create that worn look characteristic of the Shabby Chic style. Apply Tcolors transparent wax in strategic areas of the box. You can do this using a sponge, rag or brush. Tcolors clear wax will act as a barrier between the layers of paint, allowing the top layer to wear more easily. Let the Tcolors clear wax dry.

Photo courtesy of Soniarestaura

Photo courtesy of renuevo muebles

Step 4: Chalk Paint Smoke Grey Coat

Apply a coat of Chalk Paint in the color “Smoke Grey” over the entire surface of the box, including the areas where you applied the clear wax. Make sure the layer is uniform and let it dry completely.

Step 5: Worn effect

Once the gray paint is dry, it’s time to reveal the characteristic worn effect of Shabby Chic. Take a sandpaper and begin gently sanding the areas where you applied the clear wax. You’ll notice that the top layer of gray paint peels off easily in these areas, revealing the black color underneath and creating a worn, vintage effect.

Step 6: Protection and Finishing

To preserve and enhance your Shabby Chic artwork, apply a coat of Tcolors Matte Varnish or Tcolors Clear Wax over the entire painted surface. This will not only protect the paint, but also give it a smooth and polished look.

Photo courtesy of renue vomuebles

The magic of the Shabby Chic style unfolds in a spectrum that goes from subtlety to the most marked prominence. This range of impact will depend, as in any artistic manifestation, on the location destined for the piece in question. In addition, it will be influenced by the search for a contrasting effect that stands out or a harmony that integrates it homogeneously with the surrounding decoration.


And that’s it! Now you have a beautiful box transformed into an authentic Shabby Chic treasure using Tcolors’ Chalk Paint. This technique allows you to create an aged and charming appearance on your furniture and decorative objects, adding a touch of vintage elegance to your home. Have fun exploring this exciting world of Shabby Chic decoration