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Passion for colour, talent and the choice to transform

TColors is the result of putting together the passion for color, professional talent and the power of social transformation

TColors is a brand promoted by Grup Cooperatiu TEB. TEB was born in 1965 with a clearly transformative vocation. A group of 7 families imagined a world in which people with disabilities could access employment and also carry out life projects with autonomy. And with that purpose, they started up the TEB cooperative in the Barceloneta neighborhood.

Today our entity generates employment and support for 800 people with intellectual disabilities and offers accompanying services so that they can have an independent life.

The TColors project started in 1995, when the talent of a creative professional team specialized in the production of paint, the power of transformation that represents Grup Cooperatiu TEB and the passion for color were mixed together.

“T” for Transformation. At TEB we fight to change our environment, make it more inclusive, sustainable and diverse. To do this, we promote projects that generate employment, we offer support to people with disabilities so that they can develop their own independent life projects.

“T” for Talent. We believe in people, in their innate talent to contribute to our society; we just have to adapt jobs. For this reason, at TEB we like to emphasize that we are 100% capables and we demonstrate it with such a demanding quality policy.

Passion for Colour. Art and creativity are essential in our society, as they inspire us, connect us emotionally and allow us to imagine a world full of possibilities.

Si quieres conocer más sobre el propósito de Grup Cooperatiu TEB y clica aquí.

“My name is Carlos and I work for TEB. I’ve been for 15 years at the TCColors sectioon. I love my work because I’m really thoughtful and I like to be in charge of the packing. At TEB they help me so that I can do my work and go on with my life project”

Our values

We explain you a little bit more about our values and what pushes us to produce quality painting for you to enjoy in your artworks.

People in the centre

We are a social initiative cooperative, committed with our values and the cooperativism. People are in the centre of our organisation and we have a specialized team who encourage and help handicapped people to win autonomy.

To a more sustainable world

We behave pushing to be an active part in the transformation towards a more sustainable and accessible society. That’s why we are commited to the Sustainable Development Goals and we set up measures to save energy and projects to improve accessibility, among others.

Satisfied clients

We work from self-demand and service vocation to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. In addition to quality products, we want our customers to enjoy a good experience and that is why our entire team, from the laboratory, production, or customer service, works to anticipate needs and exceed expectations.

65% of the energy we use to manufacture our products comes from renewable energy. Our facilities have self-consumption solar panels, and we hire the energy that we don’t have from marketers that mainly work with renewables.

We are concerned about safety. That is why all our products are made on a water basis and follow the community directive EN-71, for toy safety. Not only our children products, but also our chalk paint, acrylic products or varnishes are suitable for them.

Our history

From its beginnings around the sixtees, Grup Cooperatiu TEB has evolved connecting formation and work to achieve full inclusion.



We participate in the Handmade Festival de Barcelona offering Do It Yourself workshops because we encourage the creativity and the transforming capability of everyone.


TColors changed its location to improve the service. The new facilities allow working with greater efficiency and have a modern laboratory to offer improvements in design and quality management. It also incorporates improvements in accessibility to facilitate support for people with disabilities.


First participation in the Creative World International Fair in Frankfurt. TColors, therefore, becomes an international brand serving clients in Portugal, France, Greece, Poland, Lithuania and Italy.


Relaunch of the TColors brand, with a renewed catalogue. The range of products was expanded with a variety of shades and paint for crafts to improve the experience.


Move of the factory to the TEB facilities and inclusion of people with disabilities in production.


Launch of Fly&Flot, a painting that allows the creation of the best reliefs and allows you to convert your creations in toys or any other kind of decoration.


TColors borns.