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TColors, the painting that changes everything

TColors is a paint brand promoted by Grup Cooperatiu TEB with a big purpose, to change the world. To do that this we have unique ingredients:

• Quality paint so you can transform your environment and boost your creativity.
• Commitment to safety and the environment, so that art doesn’t have any limits. Our water-based paint is certified according to the EN-71 standard and is free of allergens.
• And a unique ingredient that you won’t find in other paints: our social contribution. TColors is the only 100% social brand, which generates employment for people with disabilities and other people in a situation of social risk.

Do you dare to change the world by painting?
If you do… what are you waiting for to discover our catalogue? There you will find a wide range of products for all ages.

• For creative people who love “do it yourself”, quality paint to end their projects with a professional or vintage touch.
• And for the children, fun finger paints and temperas, backed by our solid experience in the school sector.

Discover TColors and join our mission to change the world through painting!

Social inclusion






Together we bring your ideas to life and make of this world, a more colorful place

We are 100% capables

Since 1965, at TEB we have been committed to transforming our environment and working to improve the quality of peoples lives with intellectual disabilities and their families. We are the engine of change to achieve an inclusive, accessible and respectful society with diversity. We are the main characters of our life project.

Outstanding products