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Chalk Paint is a type of ultra-matte paint that has gained enormous popularity in the field of furniture and object decoration and restoration. Tcolors Chalk Paint is especially appreciated for its unique matte finish, which adds a special touch to any space. Additionally, its water-based and highly pigmented formulation makes it a durable option, resistant to both the passage of time and moisture.

Available Formats of Tcolors Chalk Paint

Tcolors products offer Liquid Paint. Available in jars of 175 ml or 400 ml, this paint offers excellent performance. The 175 ml jars cover 1.5 to 2 m², while the 400 ml ones can cover 4 to 5 m². It is ideal for projects that require covering large surfaces or large furniture, and can be applied with a brush, sponge, brush, or roller.

5 Reasons to Use Chalk Paint

Wide range of colors:

Each format of Tcolors Chalk Paint offers a wide variety of colors, allowing you to customize your decoration and restoration projects according to your preferences. Additionally, Tcolors Chalk Paint can be mixed with other chalk paint colors as well as Tcolors acrylic paint, allowing you to obtain a multitude of colors that adapt to your project.

No priming required:

Chalk Paint does not need prior surface preparation before application. You can simply apply it directly to any type of material.

Versatility of application:

You can apply Tcolors Chalk Paint in various ways, whether with a brush, brush, roller, or even an airbrush. Its consistency allows for uniform results without leaving application marks.

Easy cleaning:

Tcolors Chalk Paint is easily cleaned with water and soap, making maintenance of your projects easier once finished.

Quick drying:

After applying the paint, you only have to wait approximately one hour for it to be completely dry, allowing you to quickly progress in your projects.


Tcolors Chalk Paint is an excellent option for those looking for an easy and versatile way to give their furniture and objects a new look. With its wide range of colors, ease of application, and durability, this paint has become a favorite of many decoration and restoration enthusiasts.

Get inspired to explore all the possibilities that Tcolors Chalk Paint offers and let your creativity soar!