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TColors, the inclusive paint brand from the TEB Cooperative Group, continues to grow in the world of DIY and crafts. Therefore, we have decided to renew our catalog.

The new TColors 2024 catalog highlights the TEB Cooperative Group’s project and its values of inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities, presenting a new, more modern image that aligns with the overall corporate image of the TEB Cooperative Group. Additionally, the 2024 Catalog incorporates new products such as crackle varnish, specific varnishes for interior wood, the chalk paint family, and textile paints.

The catalog presents the references segmented into different product families, thus covering all the needs of DIY and craft enthusiasts.

TColors is a brand committed to the environment and social responsibility. Its paints are manufactured by workers with intellectual disabilities at the non-profit TEB Barcelona Special Employment Center, which has been dedicated to producing school paint for leading brands for over two decades. For the past seven years, TColors has also entered the European market, where it already has clients in Germany, Switzerland, France, Lithuania, and Portugal, and it hopes to consolidate its presence in the DIY market.

Explore our new catalog and discover how TColors continues to innovate and promote inclusion and sustainability in each of its products. Crafts and DIY have never been so accessible and responsible!