Craquelé Varnish by TColors is an excellent option for achieving aging effects on a wide variety of surfaces. This transparent varnish is easily applied to any previously painted and dry surface, making it especially suitable for craquelé acrylic paints on plaster, wood, ceramic, metal, glass, cardboard, and other materials.

This viscous and transparent gel, made from acrylic emulsions, imitates the deterioration of old paints by artificially accelerating aging and producing characteristic cracks. It is ideal for crafts and decorative purposes, allowing for the unique and artistic customization of furniture, frames, wooden boxes, plates, ceramics, and other objects.

Craquelé Varnish can be applied to any dry surface, whether it has been previously painted or not. Its use is simple: just spread a generous layer of the gel on the desired surface, let it sit for the time recommended by the manufacturer, and then apply the chosen paint. The effect becomes visible when the first color appears between the cracks, achieving a high-quality craquelé finish.


  • Easy application
  • Weather-resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Matte finish
  • Ergonomic packaging


230 ml