Acrylic varnish for interior wood is an excellent protector that provides a matte finish to any surface. It offers high protection and resistance against scratching and weathering, and it does not yellow over time. Additionally, it seals and protects the wood surface. The application of the varnish is very simple thanks to the flexible dispensing bottle, making it ideal for any type of project. It also provides a high-hardness protective film and great transparency necessary for long-lasting durability. This acrylic varnish is perfect for use as a finish on all types of natural or painted woods. For best results, it is recommended to apply a thin, even layer with a soft-bristle brush, avoiding excess that can cause dripping or bubbles. It is important to ensure that the surface to be varnished is clean, dry, and free of dust or residue before applying the acrylic varnish. This way, optimal adhesion and greater durability of the finish are achieved. In summary, acrylic varnish is an excellent option for protecting wood surfaces, offering a matte and resistant finish. Its easy application and flexible dispensing bottle make it perfect for any project, while its high protection and resistance make it indispensable for projects that require long-lasting durability.


  • Easy applicationWeather resistant
  • Good extensibility
  • Presentation in bottles of various formats, ideal for school use
  • Ergonomic packaging