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On this occasion, I am excited to share with you an exciting project of transformation of an Astikitline pine sesame maker made by the great Steffidoin. In this detailed tutorial, we will show you how I turned a simple pine chest of drawers from Astikitline into an impressive decorative piece with the help of Chalk Paint Tcolors and the versatile masking tape from Miarco.

Get ready to be inspired by the creative power of painting and geometric design!



Here you have the step by step video was recorded during a solidarity workshop that Steffi made at the Occupational Center of the TEB where you will have the complete step by step


Step 1: Setting the Creative Ground

Before diving into the exciting world of transformation, it is essential to prepare our workspace. Carefully cover the surface with KRAFT – MIARCO paper ensuring complete protection against any paint splash. In addition, it ensures that the chest of drawers is impeccable, free of dust and ready to receive its incredible metamorphosis.

Step 2: The Color Palette

Choosing the right colors is critical for any painting project. For this transformation, steffido opted for three captivating shades of Tcolors Chalk Paint: a serene light blue, a sophisticated dark gray and a broken white. These colors intertwine harmoniously to achieve a visually striking geometric effect that is sure to impress.

Step 3: Geometric Design with Miarco Masking WASHI Tape

With a vision in mind, it’s time to bring geometric design to life. Using the WASHI TAPE- MIARCO, accurately outline the areas of the astikitline chest of drawers where you will apply the paint. Unfold the ribbons of varied sizes and shapes to create intriguing triangles, squares, and rectangles, making sure to seal them tightly to prevent paint infiltrations.

Step 4: Applying the Chalk Paint Tcolors

It’s time to dive into the application of Tcolors’ Chalk Paint. Using a soft bristle brush, proceed to paint the spaces between the ribbons masking carefully. Each brushstroke must be executed with precision and patience, making sure not to exceed the marked limits. Thanks to the excellent coverage of Tcolors Chalk Paint, it is not necessary to apply a second coat of paint on each tone.

Step 5: The Revelation

“Carefully remove the masking tape before the paint has fully dried. This exciting moment reveals the wonderful geometric design we have achieved, a tangible showcase of our creativity and dedication.”

Step 6: The Final Touches

To take our dresser to its fullest potential, perform an inspection for possible imperfections. Any unwanted paint marks can be corrected with a detail brush. Finally, meticulously clean any tape or paint residue on the dresser’s surface, ensuring a polished and professional finish.

We have enjoyed Steffido’s Workshop

¡STEFFIDO (@steffidoin) It has taught us to successfully transform, in a simple way, a Natural wood drawers Natura – Astigarraga Kit Line ( In a unique and personalized piece, a testimony to the magic that can be achieved with Chalk Paint Tcolors and the CINTA WASHI – MIARCO!

We hope this tutorial inspires you and you enjoy how the people who attended Steffi’s workshop have enjoyed it. Exploring and testing your creativity and transforming your own objects or furniture into unique, decorative and functional pieces is super simple with Chalk Paint Tcolors.

Until the next creative adventure!

All materials are available at Leroy Merlin Spain