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Do you have a piece of furniture that you’re embarrassed to throw away but that no longer fits your style? Would you like to give a more modern and original touch to your home?

Well, don’t miss this tutorial, where we show you two ways to transform your furniture with Varnish TColors and Chalk Paint TColors, two products that will do wonders with wood.


Step 1: Clean the Surface

The first step is to remove all the layers of paint, varnish or dirt on the furniture, until the wood is left natural. To do this, you can use coarse sandpaper or an electric sander if the furniture is large. Be careful not to damage the wood and to follow the direction of the grain.

Step 2: Repair the damage

If the furniture has any bumps, holes or broken parts, they need to be fixed before painting. You can use wood filler, glue, or nails, depending on the case. If you have to replace a piece, make sure it is the same type and color of wood as the rest of the furniture.

Step 3: Apply your chosen coating: Tcolors Colorless Varnish or Chalk Paint Tcolors

Now comes the fun part: choosing the finish you want to give your furniture. You can opt for Tcolors Colorless Varnish, which will protect the wood and give it a natural and elegant look, as in this video from KelekHome:

Or you can dare with the Chalk Paint Tcolors, a water-based paint that covers very well and that will give a touch of color and design to your furniture, as in this project by Soniarestaura:

As you can see, with a few steps, a lot of creativity and a bit of humor, you can renovate your old or damaged furniture and give it a second life. At TColors, the paint that changes everything. We are committed to recycling and upcycling as a form of decoration and our paints they are excellent allies for all DIY and DIY lovers.