The TColors range of acrylics offers a water-based acrylic paint with a matte finish and great extensibility, which allows you to do crafts and paint on wood, canvas, paper or other surfaces with a long duration thanks to its quality.

TColors acrylics are ideal for school use, since they allow you to work on color theory and to carry out DIY projects. It can be easily applied to any surface, be it utensils, furniture or clothing, using different instruments such as brushes, brushes, sponges, among others. After drying, it is highly resistant to soap and water, while before drying it is completely safe for children.

To protect the object, it is recommended to give a last layer of TColors Finishing Varnish. TColors water-based acrylic paint provides a glossy finish and its high covering power allows you to obtain an optimal result with a single layer.


  • Washable (before it dries up)
  • It can be used in every surface
  • Water-resistant once it is dried
  • Useful to cover up
  • Uniform drying
  • It can be varnished to protect the object and to give a more bright result
  • Ready to use
  • Suitable for use in toys and children’s material thanks to the EN71-3 rule
  • Presentation in bottles of different formats, ideal for school use
  • Ergonomic packaging


80 ml250 ml