¡Welcome to the magical world of the glitter with shiny finishes!
Discover how this glitter can add a special, magical and shiny touch to your creations and artworks.

Glitter with a shiny finish is the best option to add intensity to your acrylic paint and temperas. There is a wide range of colors, so the creative possibilities are endless.

This paint is ideal for both adults and the little ones thanks to its manufacture with high-quality materials that guarantee exceptional results.

In the world of kids crafts, glitter is like a magic wand that can transform any project into a sparkling, bouncy masterpiece. Whether it’s on birthday cards, drawings or even school crafts, glitter adds that special touch that makes each creation shine with its own light.

An outstanding feature of our product is its soft salt shaker-type container, specially designed to make its use practical and easy. This allows precise handling of the glitter, avoiding unnecessary waste and ensuring that every grain of glitter gets the most out of it.

So if you’re looking to add life and color to your arts and crafts projects, glitter with a glossy finish is the perfect choice. Let your imagination run wild and let the magic of glitter transform your creations into something unique. Thank you for your attention and may creativity always shine in your lives!


  • Variety of Colors: TColors offers a wide palette of dazzling and stunning colors that will make your crafts stand out and shine with their own light.
  • Spectacular shine: Tcolors glitter has a unique shine that adds a magical touch to every artwork.
  • Easy to Use: Its format in small containers with a dispenser makes it easy to control and apply the glitter, allowing children to have fun without complications.
  • Guarenteed security: our glitter is made with non-toxic materials and safe for children, they follow all the quality-standards and current regulations.
  • Easy to clean: even it intense shine, TColors glitter can be cleaned with a towel or a wipe, which means that your artworks will not leave tracks on any surface.


130 gr