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How to make your back to school more supportive with Tcolors?

Back to school is a bittersweet time for many. The holidays are over, the days of rest vanish, but at the same time we meet our companions, we wake up early again and we prepare to live intense and exciting days full of learning and fun. This year, we want to make the return to school even more special and supportive, and we achieve it with our range of school paints and removable putties, produced in a socially responsible way in a non-profit company and by people with intellectual disabilities.

What are Tcolors paints?

Tcolors paints are high quality school products, made with environmentally friendly materials and safe for children. They offer a wide variety of colors and textures, ideal for stimulating creativity and artistic development of students. In addition, they are easy to use and clean, since they can be removed with water or with our special putties.

But what makes Tcolors paintings really unique is their social impact. Every Tcolors product you buy at one of our points of sale is not only a quality product, but also a joy for our team. Every step of the production process is imbued with love and dedication. But there is something even more special behind every Tcolors product: the opportunity we provide to people with intellectual disabilities.

Why choosing Tcolors is a gesture of solidarity?

In Tcolors, we are part of the TEB cooperative group and we have turned our project into an opportunity to provide quality and stable employment to people with intellectual disabilities. When you choose our products, you are directly contributing to maintaining these jobs and continuing to grow together. Every purchase you make is a vote of confidence in our mission and a gesture of support for inclusion and solidarity. Not only will you get exceptional back-to-school products, but you’ll also be contributing to positive change in society.

How to get Tcolors paints?

If you want to make your return to school more supportive with Tcolors, you can find our products in our online store or at authorized points of sale. You can also follow us on our social networks to be aware of our news, promotions and activities. Do not hesitate and make your return to school more colorful, creative and supportive with Tcolors, the paintings that change everything.