The 75g White Moldable Adhesive Putty is a practical and convenient solution for fixing various objects at home, school and in the office without having to drill holes. This putty is pre-cut, which makes it easy to use.

Its moldable and reusable formula guarantees its versatility, allowing you to stick and unstick objects such as posters, photos, signs, drawings, ornaments, keys, and much more. In addition, its white color adapts to any type of surface.

Adhesive Putty is easy to remove and reuse without leaving a messy residue, giving you the freedom to relocate your items without worrying about damaging surfaces.

Its method of use is simple: simply separate a piece of putty, place it on the surface where you want to stick the object, press gently and that’s it! Your object will be securely attached.

This adhesive putty is especially suitable for school use, ensuring the comfort and ease of students fixing their projects and decorations without damaging walls or surfaces. With the White Moldable Adhesive Putty you will have at your disposal a versatile and practical solution for fixing objects in different environments, without complications or waste.