TColors presents its embossed paint, made from water and dolomite. This innovative paint is perfect for both children’s and professional crafts, since its texture allows unique tactile sensations compared to ordinary paint.

Thanks to its formula with dolomite, TColors relief paint allows you to create three-dimensional effects and various textures on surfaces such as paper, cardboard or cardboard. In addition, its application is very simple: just use a spatula to spread the paint and give free rein to creativity.

Discover a new dimension in your arts and crafts projects with TColors relief paint!


  • Texture: that’s the main characteristic of relief paint. It can be created in many ways, which include thick brush-strokes, adding thick materials as acrylic or oil painting, sand, paper or wood, for example, to make a tall surface.
  • Depth: relief paint can create a sensation of depth on an artwork, which makes it more attractive and interesting.
  • Contrast: relief paint creates interesting contrasts among high and flat areas of a painting, which makes it attractive and dynamic.
  • Tactil texture: relief painting is not only visually interesting, but can also be attractive to the touch. Viewers can feel the texture and depth of the work through touch, which makes the work even more interesting.


250 ml