TColors Chalk Paint is a water-based acrylic paint with added chalk. It offers an ultra-matt finish, with pastel colors, that is very easy to use and does not require prior surface preparation. This paint has become a very popular trend in the world of DIY and decoration, thanks to its ability to instantly transform any decorative element with just a few brush strokes.Its high pigmentation and excellent adhesion allow you to give a new style and a personal touch to all kinds of furniture and objects.In addition, Chalk Paint complies with the EN71-3 standard, making it safe for use on toys and other materials intended for children.

Among the most common uses of Chalk Paint are decorating furniture and other objects, as well as restoring them. In addition, they can be combined with auxiliary products to paint fabrics and achieve different effects, such as cracking, stripping or shabby chic. Image transfer techniques can also be used to touch up the painting for even more creative results.

To apply Chalk Paint it is not necessary to prepare the surface previously, although it is recommended to sand on critical surfaces to ensure better adhesion. It is important to note that Chalk Paint is very covering and in some cases a single coat may be sufficient if using a color similar to the surface to be painted on.


  • Acrylic Water Base
  • No need priming
  • Suitable for use in toys and children’s material thanks to the EN-71 rule
  • High coverage and adherence
  • Resistant to the passage of time and humidit
  • Fast dry


175 ml400 ml