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TColors, the paint that changes everything, is the first paint brand created by the special employment center of Grup Cooperatiu TEB.

EB is a social cooperative that employs 650 people with disabilities.

Leroy Merlin and the TEB cooperative are joining forces once again to improve opportunities for people with disabilities. This time, thanks to the distribution of TColors the paint that changes everything, manufactured by TEB and featuring a unique ingredient: employment for people with intellectual disabilities. TColors is the first inclusive paint brand manufactured by people with intellectual disabilities.

TEB was founded over 50 years ago, thanks to the initiative of families with people with intellectual disabilities. Since then, they have worked to achieve a diverse and 100% inclusive society. “All individuals have potential and talent; it’s about creating the right way of working for each person to demonstrate it,” explains Manuel Morales, director of Grup Cooperatiu TEB. The TEB Group employs around 650 people with intellectual disabilities, and in the paint manufacturing sector, there are between 25 and 40 employees depending on the workload.

Carlos Prieto is one of the employees who has been working at TEB for over 20 years, in the TColors section: “I really like my job, it’s satisfying to see that the products we manufacture with so much care are on the shelves.”

Leroy Merlín, a company specialized in home improvement, is working to promote an ethical and efficient business model that has a positive impact on society and the environment.

“We are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and that’s why it’s very satisfying to select products that, in addition to meeting quality standards, contribute to generating employment for vulnerable groups,” explains Juan Requena, product manager at Leroy Merlin

Among the range of TColors roducts available in Leroy Merlín Online España and Leroy Merlín Online Portugal, we find:

This collaboration provides Leroy Merlin with a range of high-quality, allergen-free colors, while also contributing to the inclusion of people with diverse abilities and meeting sustainable development and CSR objectives.

Grup Cooperatiu TEB and Leroy Merlín it’s not the first time they come together for the inclusion of people with disabilities. It’s not the first time they have come together for the inclusion of people with disabilities. Leroy Merlín established its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework “Let’s Give Life to a Better Habitat” with the purpose of creating environments for better living.

The range of inclusive paints TColors

The TEB cooperative has a paint factory in Barcelona and its own laboratory to develop its own paints or assist its clients in creating their own range of products. They are water-based paintings, made according to EN71-3 regulations, and 100% inclusive: the production of school paint is an important tool for social inclusion in the TEB.

TEB it has developed a very extensive catalog of paint products and has extensive experience in the school sector. A portion of the products is specially designed for use by school-age and preschool children, such as finger paints and tempera paints, while others are intended for older individuals, like acrylic paints.

Chalk Paint and Tcolors Finishes

Ideal for furniture restoration and other crafts. It can be applied to all types of surfaces: painted, varnished, wood, fabric, paper, cardboard, etc. The adherence will depend on the degree of surface porosity. Therefore, it is not necessary to sand the surface before its application, although it can be sanded afterwards to achieve an aged effect.



Prepared Tempera Paint Set Tcolors

Water-based and easily mixable colors, bright, and light-resistant. Easy to wash with water and soap. It does not need dilution in water.





Finger Paint Set Tcolors


Crafted with safe ingredients, it offers vibrant and blendable colors. Its gelatinous texture provides a pleasant sensation to the touch. Furthermore, it’s easily washable and can be removed from hands and surfaces without any issues. This painting is gluten-free and free from major allergens, ensuring its safety. It’s important to highlight that it’s a non-toxic product.




Acrylic Painting Tcolors


Water-based paints with a semi-gloss finish that are resistant to weather conditions. Water-soluble, mixable colors, and quick drying. Bright and very luminous colors. Recommended for application on multiple surfaces: paper, cardboard, wood, canvas, clay, etc.



Glitter Tcolors



Creating crafts with glitter is something very widespread and one of the easiest decorative methods for children’s use. Any object can be decorated by adding brightness and originality to the creations.

Adhesive putty Supertack Tcolors


Removable Supertack Tcolors adhesive putty is ideal for sticking to any non-porous surface. Secure any lightweight object without drilling holes.






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