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What kind of paint to use for your baby’s hand and foot prints?

A baby’s skin is so delicate and sensitive that you don’t want to use anything with harsh chemicals that can irritate or damage it. And depending on your child’s age, you may also need to consider the high likelihood of them putting it in their mouth. If you’re worried about putting this on your baby’s skin and the possibility of them ingesting it, Tcolors finger paints have the EN 71-3 seal.

The best baby safe paints for crafts and the easiest to clean are washable Tcolors finger paints.

These are, above all, dermatologically tested, they are non-toxic, free of the main allergens, but also easy to clean with soap and water, just make sure that the label indicates that they are washable.

They are handyman safe and if you use them on paper or cardboard, you will get a clear and crisp print.