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Where should I store my purchased TColors paint/products?

To ensure the quality and effectiveness of the Tcolors products you have purchased, it is important to follow the following storage instructions:
Minimum storage temperature: Make sure to store the products in a place with a minimum temperature of 5ºC. Avoid exposing them to lower temperatures, as this could affect their quality.
Maximum storage temperature: Do not expose the products to temperatures above 40ºC. Excessive heat can alter the composition of the paint and reduce its performance.
Maximum storage time: It is recommended to use the products within 24 months of purchase. After this time, the quality and properties of the paint may be compromised.
General conditions: Avoid storing Tcolors products near heat sources such as radiators, stoves or direct sunlight. Also, be sure to keep them away from radiation, static electricity, and food contact.

If you need more information about the storage of a particular product, we suggest you consult the safety data sheet corresponding to that product. This tab will provide specific instructions and additional recommendations for proper storage.

Remember that correct storage of Tcolors products guarantees their quality and prolongs their useful life, allowing you to obtain the best results when using them.